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Welcome to Zellerwear

Allow me to introduce our company, our products and who we are. Zellerwear is owned and operated by Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi, a full-time Elementary General Music Teacher in Portland, Oregon. Being a teacher who works everyday with students means that all our products are tried and true. They have been through thorough testing by kids ages 5-12 and guaranteed kid approved.

Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi is the co-author of Whokulele? YOUkulele! Ukulele Made Easy. We have Book I and Book II available in both Teacher and Student editions.

Our Zwubber Bands are 7 foot elastic bands in rainbow colors that close with a clip. Made from 100% organic American made cotton fabric. They can be used in a straight line or in a circle. It is recommended that a single band fit 4 to 6 children. Additional bands can be added by simply opening the hook and loop closure and opening the clip between the purple and red fabrics. Simply clip on the new band and secure the hook and loop closure to cover the clip.

Zwubber Bands can be purchased individually (7 ft, 4 - 6 children), in a set of 4 (28 ft, up to 24 children) and in a set of 6 (42 ft, up to 36 children). We also have a personal size (5 ft) which is made without the clip.

Attached is an informational video about Zwubber Bands.

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